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  1. Role of information, education and communication in addressing psycho-social aspects of Covid-19 – preparation and implementation
  2. Immediate care for psychological events and emergencies in the context of COVID-19
  3. Promoting positive mental health during COVID-19 lockdown
  4. “The Cries behind the Closed Rooms”: Domestic Violence against Women during COVID-19, A Crisis Call
  5. Suicide during COVID-19: Need for swift public health action
  6. Community resilience is the way forward: Critically reflective academic commentary
  7. Frontline health workers- The warriors of COVID-19 outbreak: Psychological concerns and assistance in Indian context
  8. Implications of COVID-19 and mental health response in tribal padas, Aghai
  9. Ageism and the mythos of sacrifice during the COVID-19 pandemic
  10. “The Locked Minds” during the COVID-19 pandemic: Burden of the global lockdown, a psychosocial perspective
  11. Psychological threats associated with economic insecurity during COVID-19 pandemic
  12. Need for tragic optimism in a post- COVID world