Immediate Care for Psychological Events and Emergencies in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic

The focus of attention of the entire world for the recent few months has been the massive outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease, commonly called the COVID-19. The rapid spread of the disease, wasn’t limited to any geographical locations and has affected almost every continent in the world.

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COVID-19 and Heard Immunity

‘Heard’ immunity is not a misspelling for the more popular ‘herd’ immunity scientists are looking for in this pandemic. It actually refers to myths, misconceptions, misinterpretations and rumours afloat related to the corona virus, lockdown and related activities. These false information were circulated and spread via the social media, news […]

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Role of Information, Education and Communication in addressing psycho-social aspects of Covid-19 – Preparation and implementation

A crisis as never experienced before, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a major shift in how we live our lives. It has resulted in impediments in all aspect of living, and mental health complications is one of the major challenges that it has brought about. The precautionary measures such as the lockdown and social distancing also has been found to have a negative impact on the mental health of an individual.[1] In this regard, Precautionary measures and timely interventions are found to be of can great help in handling the incidence and the consequences of this pandemic.

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Learning Mental Health Education: Experiences from a short-term course

This paper describes a distinctive one-month certification programme in Mental Health Education. This was designed, conceptualised and executed at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), a multidisciplinary tertiary care hospital and training institute for mental health and neurosciences in India. Learning about a topic’s integral to mental health education, was facilitated by experts in the field of mental health through diverse and novel methodologies. This brief report details the first-hand experiences of the three participants and their perspectives on the content and format of the programme and its potential applications. The implications for developing public health strategies to enhance mental health literacy in the community are discussed.

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