The Effects of Floods on the Mental Health of Early Adults in Kerala

1 Assistant Professor & Research scholar, Assam Don Bosco University, Tapesia, Assam

Aim: To examine the effects of floods on the mental health of early adults in Kerala. Method: This study adopted non-probability sampling and selected 40 respondents, 17 males and 23 females between the age group of 20 to 35 from two districts Ernakulam and Wayanad in Kerala. Three dimensions of mental health namely emotional stability, over-all adjustment and security-insecurity of Mental Health Battery (MHB) constructed by Gupta, A.S. & Singh, A.K. (2000) was used to gather data. The data was analysed with help of differential analysis and relational analysis. Results: The results indicate that the overall mental health of the early adults is above average level after the flood and there is no significant difference between the male and the female in terms of adjustment. The correlation coefficient r value indicates that the existence of correlation between emotional stability and mental health at 0.01 level of significance. Conclusions: These findings can enhance the scholars and students in understanding the mental health of early adults after the flood and this will be beneficial in the development of various programmes to promote mental health and resilience for the early adults.

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