Self Esteem and Emotional Intelligence Among College Teachers

1 Clinical Psychologist, Department of Clinical Psychology, NIMHANS, Bangalore

2 Lecturer, Department of Clinical Psychology, Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai

3 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore

4 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatric Social Work, NIMHANS, Bangalore

Aim: To examine the level of self-esteem and emotional Intelligence among college teachers. Method: A sample of 110 college teachers (both male and female) who have attended training programme on psycho-educational skills, hailing from Madurai region, Tamil Nadu have been selected using simple random sampling technique . The study was descriptive in nature. Culture Free Self-Esteem Inventory Emotional intelligence scale were used.

Results: More than one-fourth of them have high self-esteem and less than 17% of the teachers have low self-esteem. Mean self-esteem score of the college teachers is 69.57, which is fairly high. More than one-third (30%) of the school teachers have high emotional intelligence (EI) and few (18%) t have Low EI. Mean Emotional Intelligence score for the college teachers is 68.55%, which is fairly high. There is a positive correlation between self-esteem and emotional intelligence among college teachers (r = +0.83 p<.05). Conclusion: Female teachers have more self-esteem and emotional intelligence than male teachers. Teachers who teach science subjects are having less self-esteem and emotional Intelligence than the teachers who handle arts subjects.

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